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  • Interface Styles.

    A professional, clean look is important to capture and retain clientele. cPanel 11 takes this thought to a whole new level. With an enhanced default interface including 10 style choices, and an easy to use branding interface for resellers, cPanel 11 is the ultimate in customizable, professional design.

  • Enhanced Branding For Resellers.

    cPanel 11 puts branding into a whole new category, the category of simple to use. With cPanel 11, you can change any image within the interface to a custom image of your choice by editing CSS to modify font colors, table borders, and more. Our enhanced branding for resellers will even allow you to add your own logo to the interface with a click of a button.

  • Getting Started Wizard.

    The new getting started wizard walks a new account owner through setting up the aspects of a web hosting account. From email to web disk access, the wizard will get your clients up and running in no time at all!

  • Apache 2 And 2.2 With The New EasyApache.

    cPanel 11 includes a new EasyApache interface which provides access to Apache 2 and Apache 2.2 configurations. These configurations can be edited to be very specific, including custom Apache and PHP build options and configure flags. With the the ability to fully customize your Apache installation, your web server will be running full speed in no time at all.

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