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Dedicated Server

Right Server For The Right Campaign Sharaas Ultra Speed & Performance Dedicated Server

Do you need more than what a normal Dedicated Server can offer? Does your online news portal, community forum or business website require exceptionally fast dedicated server speed, short response time, high bandwidth, good flexibility, etc so that it can execute its daily tasks or win over its competitors? Introduce “Sharaas Ultra Speed & Performance Dedicated Server”, a solution which solves all your limitation issues.

CPU RAM Storage Bandwidth O.S. Ready In Gold Management Service
2x Hexa Core Intel Xeon Processor *3 Units Only!* 32GB DD3 RAM 2 x 100GB 6G Enterprise SAS SSD (RAID 1) 4x 2TB 3.5″ SAS HDD (RAID 10) 100Mbps 1 – 2 working day(s) Order Now

Medium Spec And Hot Deal Dedicated Servers

Ultra Speed & Performance Dedicated Server is too much for you? Why not consider our all time hot selling dedicated servers as below?

CPU RAM Storage Bandwidth O.S. Ready In Managed Unmanaged
Intel Pentium Dual Core *Sold Out* 1GB 1 x 500GB SATA 1Mbps 3 – 5 working days From RM 349 / monthOrder Now From RM 199 / monthOrder Now
Quad Core Intel Xeon X3 *Sold Out* 2GB 2 x 500GB SATA 1Mbps 3 – 5 working days From RM 649 / monthOrder Now From RM 499 / monthOrder Now
AMD Opteron Dual Core *Sold Out* 2GB 2 x 500GB SATA 1Mbps 3 – 5 working days From RM 589 / monthOrder Now From RM 439 / monthOrder Now
Quad Core Xeon E5 *Last 3 units* 2GB 2 x 500GB SATA 1Mbps 3 – 5 working days From RM 699 / monthOrder Now From RM 549 / monthOrder Now

Terms And Conditions

  • This promotion is valid until 30th June 2015 for new signup only.
  • Instant Dedicated server only available for CentOS(64bits) and Windows Server Web Edition(64bits).
  • Setup fee will apply for cancellation within first month.
  • Pricing include 1st Level Technical Support (reboot & remote assistance).
  • Server will be hosted in AIMS KL.
  • Service cancellation need to be made 30 days in advance.
  • Instant dedicated server will be set up in 1 working day.
  • For enquiries, please contact us.

Why You Need A Dedicated Server?

  • You are in charge and in CONTROL. You make all your hosting decisions.
  • You have more RESOURCES and it won’t be any sharing on bandwidth and disk space with other websites.
  • The PERFORMANCE of your websites is optimized and greatly improved, as you don’t share your resources with others.
  • Sudden downtime NO MORE. A Dedicated Server gives you excellent reliability and HIGH AVAILABILITY.
  • SCALABILITY that you always dream of – Increase your disk space / memory anytime you want.
  • SECURITY – As you make all your hosting decisions, you get to implement your own security measures to ensure high security of your website.
  • CUSTOMIZATION – Install all the software you want, configure your server based on your hosting needs.
  • 24x7x365 Technical Support

    RockSoft provide 24x7x365 support service for all of its customers. There will ne no unsolved issues when dealing with our specialists. We guarantee fast & accurate response.

  • Stable & Fast Network

    All of our networks are being monitored closely around the clock and all clients are provided with 99.9% network uptime guarantee SLA. Trust us to bring connectivity to your data.

  • Top Notch Security

    Multiple security harware appliances & software are protecting our servers and networks from any unwanted problems. We left you well assured with latest security technologies applied.

  • Enterprise Data Protection

    Realtime data replication, hourly remote copy of data to secret location, and longer backup data retention period will make you sleep better at night. We give high priority to data safety